Wherever we look, ads are everywhere. Whether we’re browsing the news on the web, visiting blog posts, shopping online or just checking social feeds, we can’t avoid ads: banners, pop-ups, in-texts, pre-rolls, you name it.

We accept that ads are needed, but many of us don’t appreciate that they are pushed on us more and more aggressively and in a less and less transparent way. This is because we all possess an invaluable asset that is worth increasingly more and that a huge number of companies are competing for.

This asset is our attention.

Madbro was established to help us realize the real importance of our attention.

Our goal is to ensure that readers regain their independent control over their own attention, be able to practice the right of free decision making, and only give their attention to those that offer them proper consideration in return.

Madbro can contribute to the sustainability of high standard content creation.